We offer you all our models to the sale of industrial paint booths (and Matt) for the treatment of surfaces. Enjoy best pressurized paint booths with the best quality at an affordable price. Also you recommend see our drying kilns!

A complete range of liquid paint booths, in different versions:

  • Solvent, or water based.
  • Tempered and pressurised painting booths.
  • Walls and booths open for painted and varnished.
  • Large industrial paint booths.
  • Lower suction areas open for painting of large parts.
  • Areas of sanding, Putty and preparation.
  • Pressurisation and conditioning of enclosures of painting kits.
paint booths

Construction features


It is composed of sandwich-type panels, consisting of two profiled sheets of steel and a polyurethane foam core of 40 kg/m3 density with a thickness of 40 mm. based on supports of commercial structural profiles

painting and varnishing cabins

Standard lighting:

It is done using luminaires are fitted with watertight screens connecting outside, separate from the interior through a Crystal, located longitudinally in the upper corners of the roof in the form of chamfer, as well as the side walls in order to illuminate the bottom of the cabin.

Contribution groups

Its function is to introduce and build the inside of the enclosure, a dust-free and homogeneous temperature atmosphere. The air taken from outside is driven by centrifugal turbines, warming up when passing through a heat exchanger, diesel oil burner, or natural gas.

paint booths

Air intake plenum

It is responsible for distributing the air supplied by the Group contribution. It is built in panel sandwich-type reinforced by rolling the bottom profiles

willing pre-filters and high efficiency filters, It guarantees the cleanliness of the air introduced.

Extraction and evacuation of air to the outside

Held by fans outside the vein of air-powered. Before going abroad through ducts or chimneys. The air is subjected to a double-stage filtration, for the retention of the pigments, in order to be able to comply with current legislation on emission of particles to the outside.

Dry walls for painting

The Spraymaq dry walls are constructed using folded plate panels, protected by a coat of paint to the oven. The air extraction is done using helical fan with motor exterior (outside of the vein of air) engines are "explosion proof" type

painting cabins

Cabins of paint drying oven

Full range of drying oven cabins painting, pressurized, in depression, Air tempered with baking position, with different types of ventilation, vertical, horizontal trenches with or without them, in standard execution, or adapted to the needs of the customer. Paint booths are composed by:

Structure and enclosure, Lighting, Contribution groups air, with natural gas burners, diesel oil, or propane. Distribution plenum, Output filtering system, double-stage. Extraction fans, Helical, or centrifugal.

Electrical panel, for the command and control of all components of the cabin.

cabins painting and drying oven

Varnishing cabins

Cabins for varnishing of furniture and fine carpentry. pressurized, in depression, Air tempered with baking position, with different types of ventilation, vertical, horizontal, optional system for drying varnish to water.

In commercial profiles, by bolted joints. Sandwich cladding Panel filled with polyurethane foam or rock wool.

Swing doors of 2 o 4 leaves, or mechanical drive. Watertight lighting, the exterior-mounted, outside the zone of evaporation of solvents using fluorescent screens, so you get a lighting, homogeneous and without shadow zones

Air distribution plenum, It is filtered and homogenises the flow of air to the cabin. Groups of supply with natural gas burners, diesel oil, or propane.

Output filtering system. It is responsible for filtering the air before their evacuation to the outside, eliminating pigments and solids that may contain. This stale air filtration is performed by double stage filtering walls. With its corresponding fireplaces and extraction fans.

Electrical panel, for the command and control of all components of the cabin.

painted painting booths

Open painting booths

In this section you will find all our cabins open for painting, decide which is which is best suited to your company and if you have any questions call us! We will offer you the best resources to paint in open area to the best price of sale!

Open walls and booths

Walls and booths open, with dry filters, for stained or painted small parts.

Different models: simple portable, Double, with active carbon. We plan according to your needs.

painted painting booths

Open areas of painting

Open with lower extraction areas, specially designed for painting large parts. Walls for painting and varnishing of small parts, in standard execution, or adapted to the needs of the customer.

Open areas of painting, lower suction through moats. Recommended for painting of machinery and large metal boiler parts, allowing an open space, broad, comfortable and with good mobility of the parts, (directly with bridge crane), so you get optimal use of industrial space.

They are equipped with axial fans, or centrifugal, bottom suction, through trenches covered with tramex trafficable, with double-stage filtration, for wet and dry pigments. They can be combined with aspiring walls.

Open painting booths

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