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Our mixing 2K equipment



Ideal for polyester.

Cobra 2K is an innovative pump specially designed for processing polyester product in the process AirCoat. During processing as they gather together and homogeinizan resin with hardener (component 1) and resin with Accelerator (component 2) ready-mixed in a mixing ratio 1: 1. This ensures that only the amount of product that is actually processed to always mix. Components 1 and 2 pre-mixes can be stored without problems for long periods. Cobra 2K is an ideal system, simple and economical for the professional application of polyester.


Accuracy of mixture± 10%
Area hydraulic tube connectionG 1/4″
Product temperature10 – 80 ° C
Input air pressure2.5 – 6 bar
Ambient temperature10 – 60 ° C
PH value product3.5 – 9 pH
Weight36 kg
Relationship of pressure40: 1
Maximum operating pressure250 bar
Number max racing.200DH/min
Volumetric flow per double stroke10 cm³/DH
Fixed mixing ratio1: 1
Noise level max.74 dB (A)
Inlet air or min.13 mm
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TwinControl, low and high pressure

The TwinControl WAGNER is a singular team, for processing two-component coating materials. Whenever you require great flexibility, a mobile use and few changes of painting, the TwinControl stands out for its high profitability, its compact design and easy handling.

It is extremely suitable for a range of applications, as for example the processing of highly viscous materials or large yields of transport.

Flow measurement without contact with the product, using magnetic lifting sensor patented and together with excellent pumps WAGNER IceBreaker, They offer unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

The cleaning process controlled fully automatically, It is part of the overall concept that favors management, like the simple adaptation of equipment parameters to the corresponding application.

Different versions with different equipment depending on the work to be carried out

mix 2 k 3

Range of equipment for mixing Twin Control

table mix 2 k

Mixing accuracy ± 2%

Recommended pump speed 30 cycles / min.

  • Baja products, medium and high viscosity
  • Water and solvent-based products
  • Products 2 K epoxy, of polyurethanes
  • Products 2 High solid K

Protec 2K fixed mechanical mixers


Simple mechanical mixer, Compact and portable for the treatment of anticorrosion paints

dense and with high solid products. Simple job, similar to the of a mono device component

Mixing ratio 1: 1 a 4: 1,

up to 500 bar and 5,7 L/min.

Optional pump cleaning and heater set.


Mixing block, hose and easy cleaning guns. That allows to work with times more short of catalyst. It can also be used with remote mixer.
You can choose sections of fluid components A and B on the mixing ratios 1: 1, 2: 1, 3: 1 and 4: 1.
Spacious and stable product containers of 27 l with a cross-section of suction wide and easy to clean.
Robust shopping carts with large wheels and hooks for crane and space for additional and accessory components.
Heater (optional) product to improve spray for high viscosity products.
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