In the section of guns of paint you will find any electric or air gun with compressor for painting. Use these fantastic SPRAYMAQ tools for Paint walls, parking, walls and all what you want. We give you the possibility to contact us if you need advice, You can do this by clicking on 'contact' (top) or on "request + Info"(bottom), We will tell you which is the gun that best fits your price / budget. You can also come and see us at Bilbao, Madrid and Zaragoza!

Guns guns

(Airbrushing) compressed-air spray guns.

Conventional, HVLP AND EPA


The best answer to the industrial needs of painted painted highly competitive tools, for excellent finishes in the most diverse sectors of employment:

Wood, Metal, Plastic, Automobile production lines, vehicles
industrial, Industrial machinery, Nautica, Ceramic, Tanning.
Finishes with standards of brightness, with high transfer spray, and compliance with the most demanding standards on emission of solvent.

Guns guns, HVLP and EPA, to:

Enamels and varnishes, Water-based finishes, dyes, metallic, ceramic glazes, abrasive and corrosive products. To achieve all these objectives, We put at your disposal our more extensive market.


Internal pressure pots


Minimum maintenance pressure pots, even with the more abrasive paintings (ceramic and Vitro-ceramic glazes, effect forging, pasta), or corrosive products (dyes, water paints, queues to the water), It is where the SAGOLA pressure pots offer all its virtues:

  • Manufacture in stainless steel.
  • Built according to international standards.
  • Extreme quality and precision of manufacturing.
  • Maximum security.

To alleviate and eliminate these disadvantages partly, a correct use is necessary, use equipment of, maximum quality, and use spray system most suitable in each case:
E.P.A. , H.V.L.P. increase the transfer of product and reduce bounce and the mists.

pressure pots