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Now itself and specifically in this section you can view all the models available in SPRAYMAQ of sandblasting of painting machines. The "dripping" is a technique that requires the best tools, by what hope that us contact to give you the best indications on your purchase. We have the best prices in blasting equipment or machines Sanders to paint for you, be encouraged to contact already?

Compressed air Sanders


Series CIERZO, for large exterior works, simple and little maintenance.
Single Chamber, loading on concave bottom, to ease the burden of the abrasive.

  • Models from 25 to 200 l. capacity
  • Remote control via remote control
  • Air filter for mask feeding
  • Certified vessel, According to regulations
  • Via outlet flange standard
  • Compact design for easy handling and transport
  • Safety valve calibrated and certified
  • Possibility of creating different types of metering valves
  • Even with different types of abrasive contribution
  • Quick connect hose
  • Porta-boquillas of high strength nylon thread for the range and size of nozzles
  • Special for use in various fields of work Assembly: metalwork, bridges, shipyards, facades, etc.
  • Possibility of use with different types of abrasive. Can optionally be supplied with, sieve and lid.
Sand-blasting machines
Sand-blasting machines
Sand-blasting machines

Series breeze

Series breeze, portable, designed for restoration work and delicate cleaning, at very low pressures.

  • Adjustable work pressure from 0,5 bar.
  • According to the abrasive and used pressure can work on any surface: brick, Stone, wood, plastic, metal, etc.
  • Remote control.
  • Special nozzles for 2 to 6 mm. O.
Sand-blasting machines
Sand-blasting machines

Cyclone series

Sanders series cyclone, suitable for work in clean places unconditioned and in all those where can project not spread abrasive.

This Sander is equipped with a Special nozzle that closes the zone of impact of a Jet and a separate vacuum cleaner, to recover the abrasive continuously while working, avoiding dust and particle-free screenings.

Sand-blasting machines


Sanders series Sirocco, Equipment fijos, designed to work in spray booths, with automatic recovery of abrasive.

Sand-blasting machines
Sand-blasting machines

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